A life-long passion

“Yoga has served me well on the path to “decluttering” my mind and leading a more centred, contented life. We may start with the body in yoga (and this aspect is important) but the benefits to the mind and emotions are the gold of this practice. Through dedication and commitment we can become more steady and resilient in life, less in flux with what happens around us. Everything flows when we are able to relax and feel calmer. Yoga is the GPS to your own experience of this state of being. My commitment lies in motivating you to take charge of your own wellbeing and happiness. One thing is for sure, we can never be sure what lies ahead!  Some tools in the tool-box are handy so we can swim rather than sink during a tough time. What can we do to minimise our discomfort during those sticky life situations? Acknowledge, accept, address, ask for help… and practice yoga!”

In class, new and established students are acknowledged, warmly welcomed, adequately guided and assisted, and given the space to feel the effects of the practice for themselves. We each come to yoga with our own individual needs, limitations and abilities. Most of us lead busy lives with many demands and few opportunities to pause unless we carve them out. This can lead to stress and fatigue, reaching for “quick fix” solutions and poor habits that only leave us feeling disempowered and unable to lead happier, healthier lives. Through yoga and yoga therapy you can let go of negative patterns and create more sustainable, positive neural pathways.

No matter what is happening for you, finding time for yoga will give you more space. Yoga is space to breathe, to tune your inner vision and see external life more clearly, connect yourself to the earth beneath your feet, feel grounded and centred, unclench your tight jaw, reclaim your joyful self.

"Through your regular practice you will discover reserves of strength in your body, and courage in your mind."

- Sarah Shepard


"So good for my posture..."

"I love attending Sarah’s yoga classes and notice the difference to my posture and stress levels when I miss a class. Sarah's classes always give me a chance to stretch out the seated posture I spend my working day in. I look forward to the guided relaxation exercises at the end of her classes as she has the perfect voice to help you relax."

- Fiona Hall

"The highlight of my week!"

"Sarah’s classes are the highlight of my week! A beautiful balance between challenge and relaxation, practical release of tension in the body and mind and meditative practise. Sarah is a caring, gentle and highly professional capable teacher who generously continues to bring new elements to class. As the seasons and elements change so do Sarah’s classes, aligning perfectly with the ebbs and flows. Thank you for sharing the teachings with us."

- Zoe