“I invite you to feel more comfortable in your own skin and more resilient in your life through the systematic practice of yoga.”

Sarah offers heartfelt, fluid, empathic yoga classes with an emphasis on keeping things simple and accessible. Expect to move at a steady pace, physically challenge yourself without stressing the body, become stronger and more flexible, explore yoga postures and practices that boost or balance energy, cultivate mindfulness of breathing and a greater connection to the sensations of your body.  More internal, less external - a work ‘in’ not a work ‘out’! Based on her own personal experience of yoga as a valuable resource to navigate life, Sarah’s teaching is informed with this understanding and practical application of yoga.

Yoga for Body and Mind is a space for you in Titirangi to enjoy creatively sequenced, gentle or intermediate pace Hatha yoga classes and workshops. Sarah’s tranquil yoga studio by the ocean is also shared for one-to-one yoga or yoga therapy appointments, tailored to meet your individual needs. Local yoga classes are all held in stunning locations, with venues surrounded by native New Zealand bush and birdlife, and the magnificent Manukau Harbour.

"What I offer is my motivation, enthusiasm and love of yoga so you leave class feeling at ease within your body, more connected to your breath and lighter of heart. Join me soon to start the conversation between your body and mind."



French Bay Yacht Club
Otitori Bay Rd, Titirangi, Auckland

9.15-10.15am (Gentle/Beginners)

Titirangi Beach Hall
1 Aydon Rd, Titirangi, Auckland

6.30-7.45pm (Beginners


Group Classes

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Choose from morning or evening classes at stunning French Bay Yacht Club or secluded Titirangi Beach Hall. Find the perfect class for you.

Private Sessions

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Sarah will help you deepen your personal yoga practice or work with you towards specific goals with 100% attention on your needs.

Yoga Therapy

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Discover an effective, holistic approach to wellbeing with a Yoga Therapy programme created especially for you.

Benefits of regular yoga practice


Why yoga? Scientific research has shown that yoga is excellent for maintaining a strong, flexible body that is less prone to stiffness and injury. Modern lifestyles require us to sit for long periods, creating a lack of fluid movement through the joints and tissues. Without regular movement we can start to feel physically uncomfortable and disconnected from our bodies. Even just a few minutes of stretching daily can help you to feel more mobile, leading to a more relaxed state of mind as your body releases tension that has built up over time. Targeted yoga practices are also highly beneficial for helping you to feel more calm and adept at managing stress. Working with integrated breath and movement on a regular basis retrains the brain to ‘pause’ before leaping into ‘fight or flight’ stress mode. This has a massive impact on how we deal with conflict and other triggering challenges in our lives.

In short, a regular yoga practice can:


Help relieve anxiety, depression & insomnia

Help you relax

Improve your quality of life

Release physical tension

Improve posture

Reduce back and neck pain

Reduce stress level

Lower heart rate and blood pressure

Improve strength, tone and flexibility

“Yoga is for everyone, not just those that can touch their toes! Don’t let your lack of flexibility stop you from trying yoga. The results are profound and readily accessible to all.”

- Sarah Shepard