Yogic tools to help bring balance to the mind and emotions can be integrated more powerfully into life through the valuable resource of personalised yoga therapy sessions. Yoga therapy is based on a holistic approach to wellbeing, treating the ‘whole’ person rather than the symptoms of the condition or ‘disease’. This allows the treatment to take into consideration lifestyle or circumstantial factors, specific conditions (physical, cognitive or emotional) individual characteristics, how a person is experiencing their situation at that time and what their individual needs are. Every session is tailored to specific personal requirements, rather than a ‘one size fits all’ approach.

Sarah has undertaken Svastha Yoga Therapeutic training and has worked with clients experiencing depression, anxiety and stress. Through the application of integrated movement, breath, relaxation and mindfulness Sarah teaches clients how to start empowering themselves to find respite from these difficult and sensitive conditions. In time the application of these small steps on a regular basis creates an active environment of neuroplasticity with more positive neural pathways being created. In this way clients are supported in a safe, compassionate space to experience self-efficacy. Many start to cultivate a vital sense of hope about their own ability to slowly move through these states of mind. Through the integrated mind-body approach of yoga therapy, clients not only shift their state of mind, but can also positively transform their sense of identity and felt-living experience.


Sarah's home studio
near Titirangi Beach


1 hour Private Yoga session


"I look forward to my ‘happy hour’ each week, all thanks to this lovely lady"

I started yoga just wanting someone ‘to teach me to breathe’! I met Sarah about 2 months ago. Having been diagnosed with breast cancer earlier this year it would suffice to say I had my fair share of physical and mental challenges this year. From the outset Sarah ‘got’ me and has patiently and meticulously worked wonders enabling me to relax, meditate, breathe and just be. She always has a plan for me each session, bearing in mind what I need to physically improve my joint stiffness and arm mobility (due to a mastectomy and loss of lymph nodes). Sarah is very aware of the progress I make and accordingly works on what needs attention. I truly believe that my yoga journey has only just begun and look forward to my ‘happy hour’ every week, all thanks to this lovely lady.

— Gaynor


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