Yoga classes follow a varied format of a different theme each week - anatomy, physiology, mind, energy, or an aspect of health. 

"I love variety in my own yoga practice, but I also trust in keeping things simple. Teaching in this way ensures the yoga classes are engaging, interesting, challenging and fun.  Keeping your body moving and your mind occupied."

All classes include practices to explore the breath and bring a quality of stillness to the mind. Equally, all classes conclude with the calming, deeply releasing qualities of Yin postures and a guided relaxation practice, allowing you to leave each time feeling physically relaxed, calmer and more peaceful in your mind.

Titirangi Beach Hall
1 Aydon Rd, Titirangi, Auckland

6.30-7.45pm (Beginners class)

French Bay Yacht Club
Otitori Bay Rd, Titirangi, Auckland

9.15-10.15am (Gentle/Beginners)


$17   casual rate
$14   5 classes
(pre-paid card $70 valid 7 wks)
$13   10 classes
(pre-paid card $130 valid 13 wks)
$12   student casual rate

(Eftpos available in class or pay class card fees online
Yoga Body Mind

"Full of warmth and joy"

“My husband and I thoroughly enjoy Sarah’s classes. She is an inspiring and a very compassionate yoga teacher who brings her extensive knowledge of yoga to her students. She begins each of her classes with a specific focus and takes the students through that journey of unifying the mind, body and spirit. My husband and I are both very fortunate that we found Sarah as our yoga teacher. Thank you Sarah for sharing your passion and gift with us - we leave your classes with lots of warmth and joy."

- Tamendi & Pranish

"Not just for women..."

“I really enjoy attending Sarah's yoga classes. Being new to it (and being a bloke) I was initially unsure if it was for me. The sessions are always varied and at a good pace for newbies or experienced yogis. It’s helped immensely with my golf and historical lower back issues. I always leave with both mind and body having benefited from the experience.”


"Supportive and calming"

“When I first came with my wife, I must say I was not totally sold on the whole Yoga experience. But with Sarah’s wonderfully supportive, non-judgemental and calming presence, I am now an absolute advocate! If you have a busy brain, or a busy life, this is a fantastic way of not only getting fit and flexible, but giving your mind and body space to truly breathe. By the end of each session, no matter how stressful the week, I literally glide back home in a little serene bubble. Wonderful! Thank you so much Sarah for all your guidance and kind words.”


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