EMERGE consciously from the shadows of winter into an uplifting yogic celebration of spring 🌱

Equinox marks the true beginning of this season of light, vitality, creation and growth. Yoga powerfully aligns us with this creative energy - nature's intelligence - to support us to live more fully in our truth, harmony and highest vibrancy.

CELEBRATE the delicious feeling of your body coming alive, your energy rising, your mind clearing!

Our yoga will take root from the earth and stillness with Yin. Growing and Emerging into a fuller expression of mind/body/heart vitality through fluid hatha yoga then cleansing, active breath work. Our 'work' is also to playfully explore practices that return our awareness to a state of inner knowing of our true magnificent nature. We bring all the energies together into the crucible of deep relaxation (Yoga Nidra), planting our seeds of intention for the coming year, and fully surrendering to our highest self, our purpose, our heart’s desire.

We will share hot, spicy chai and delicious, healthy sweet treats to close our afternoon.

Investment : $60 (non refundable)
Yoga Body Mind
(spaces limited to ensure your comfort)

Emerge from the shadows into spring!